Evolution of Eating-

We will always recommend a raw diet as it is our first choice food for all of our dogs that we own. Why a Raw diet? Because its nature, the evolution between humans and wolves started as a hunting partnership, long before wolves were domesticated. Wolves taught man hunting benefits, and man overpowered big prey to reward Wolfes with bigger meals, by decreasing big injuries to the wolf, it was a benefit relationship between both parties. After a while humans needed more wolves, as they were venturing off into different areas, they then began keeping the tamest wolves and started breeding them. Eventually overtime the wolves started breeding to different species of different wolves and started having jobs and different roles (Guarding, hearing, livestock) they started becoming more of a companion as you see today. Then humans needed to change the companions lifestyle eating because a lot of humans didn't hunt anymore. So humans made kibble, and started filling unnecessary things in these kibbles ( starch, fillers, carbs, etc), and cooking it to high heat and packing it into a small form so it last longer, but none of that, dogs benefited from at all, it actually causes more problems and loses years off the dogs life, because they don't eat like that like they did in the wild. Dog are carnivores, they have teeth and stomachs that are made for MEAT, bones, etc. I tell people that eating kibble is like eating junk food, junk food eventually will start causing health issues, and make them feel like poop all the time, same to an animal. But why do vets recommend kibble? One its because they were taught wrong, and two healthy animals don't need a vet..... also third because humans got too lazy to hunt, and needed a simple, easy alternative for them. But why do you feed your puppies kibble? Because not everyone will step up and commit to an all raw feeding, Its hard convincing everyone not going to lie. When we have puppies and start them on a food, usually we don't ever recommend changing it as it will jack up their GI Tract, It is easier to switch from kibble to Raw then the other way around, so for that I save them tummy issues, and hope that my clients come and learn more about Raw threw me, my classes and corses when I launch them. In the end our dogs/companions are suffering and we need to change that, so I hope you consider RAW for not only you but for them!

The Raw Diet -

The Raw diet has multiple benefits, some are: Shiny coats, Healthy gums and teeth, smaller poops, less shedding, less complications, longer lives, ect. One of the biggest myths is Great Danes only live 5-10 years....NOT ON RAW! In our classes we have studied multiple breeds living longer, but Great Danes living 13-17 years on raw, so that should say something. There are multiple options for raw, they have prey models, the barf model, pre mades, and freeze dried options. Either of these option are amazing but you need to make sure they are complete balanced or they will not help your dog. Example of one of the models complete balanced diet: The Barf Diet ( Which is what we do for our adults) is-  70% raw muscle meat to provide essential protein, amino acids, and water-soluble vitamins. 10% Soft, raw edible bones, an important component to provide essential calcium, phosphorous, and other essential nutrients. 5% Liver is an important ingredient to provide essential fat-soluble vitamin A and water-soluble vitamins. 5% other secreting organs, such as kidney, are beneficial ingredients to provide essential minerals and water-soluble vitamins. 7% vegetables are beneficial ingredients to provide essential nutrients and beneficial phytochemical. 2% Raw seeds/nuts, and or oils/seafood are beneficial ingredients to provide essential minerals, fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins. 1% Fruit includes beneficial ingredients to provide antioxidants, but they are fed in small amounts due to their sugar levels.

we also provide Pro and prebiotics like ( pumpkin, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, ect) here and there as well. Most of our supplements

come from Nature's Farmacy, they have everything you may need. If you need any help with switching or learning about raw please contact me, I will be launching Raw courses soon as well!


When it comes to growing Danes and kibble we have found a couple kibbles that have worked for our clients and puppies, if they are absolutely against raw. We have loved and always will love some Victor kibble, it is a little high in calcium but we always suggest adding ester c with Victor, but so far it has had amazing results with all of our puppies! We use Victor select beef and rice, and classic professional. Growing Great Danes should not have to many fillers in their food and to many carbs, they should have 26% and under protein, 1.3 and under calcium- 1 and under pros. 1-1 as close as you can and 12%-18% fat, so they don't grow to fast. Growing to fast can cause a lot of issues like like knuckling, you can see pics in our all about the dane section. We recommend not giving extra calcium supplements until older. We love adding things to the kibble when they leave, so its not boring, we add ester c/a very good multivitamin , fish oils, pumpkin/ plain yogurt, and cottage cheese here and there, bone broth, goat milk or water to hydrate your kibble. Some toppers, veggies, fruit here and there. We also recommend switching proteins every so often within the brand. For treats we only use freeze dried, veggies/fruit or their kibble. For bones we use bully sticks, until older then can use freeze dried/ raw bones. We give glucosamine, and multivitamins to our older Danes for their hips and joints and over all health as well.

NEVER USE GRAIN FREE!! It is linked to DCM ( enlarged heart ). There has been a study of non grain free brands that have been linked to DCM as well, so please try to stay away from these brands, and well as ingredients that have peas, and or lentils in it. Down below.

If you have any question please contact us.