The Person behind the dogs

My background and Education

I grew up and worked with multiple different animals all my life, Horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, etc. Im a former Vet Tech, and former Ranch hand. I went to school to be certified in whelping and breeding, nutrition, (carnivore nutrition) as well as dog training. I had a very reactive American Staffordshire terrier, she was my love for 10 years and wanted to be the best for her, so I went to school and was mentored by the best, to be a certified trainer and specialize in aggression. Now I'm a Breeder!!


Why breed when there are lots of dogs in shelters?

Even tho I've been in that field and have seen a lot of horrifying things and it is heart breaking, good breeders are not the problem here, bad breeders are. Good breeders will never have one of their pups in the shelters ever so make sure you do your research and find a responsible breeder that truly cares about their dogs and pups!

Are you a show breeder?

Yes and No.
I do breed out of standard colors. But health, temperament, and structure is our top priority along side that as well.

Do Great Danes really live 8-10 years old?

It truly depends on you! What you are feeding them is a big portion ( Nutrition is very important to their life span ), exercise, and mental stimulation is another key, and of course love and happiness is the final. So if you do all of these correctly they can live way longer then 10 years. We have studied and seen Great Danes live to be 13-17 years old If done correctly.

Do you LOVE being a breeder?

It is a very hard job to do and to do it right at that! But me and my daughter look at every positive and keep that in our hearts and just love knowing we are making a difference in peoples lives. We are so grateful and blessed to have such a big amazing support system and pack now. I wouldn't change it for the world! Plus snuggling with puppies all day is a serotonin boost to heal anything!!