Girls rule

Meet the babes-

We are the babes behind the operation! My name is Tabitha and my daughter's name is Rylee. We love animals so much we decided to make it our jobs. We grew up and have worked with many animals but baby animals are our favs of course. We have a tiny zoo in our house and still growing. We have a cat named Loki, a lizard named Meechee, a fish named Dip N Dots, and of course the big Danes! If you want to learn more, see puppies and follow our journey, follow us on all our social medias down below at the bottom!

A breeder is a guardian of the future

Who we are as breeders

We strive to be the best breeders we can be. We make sure that all our puppies are set up to succeed, before going home! Puppies start with us at the most important stages, so we take advantage of that and start ENS (early neurological exercises ), Sounds, Smells, Touch, See, ect. We also start early curriculum exercises, and early basic training. We ensure that not only are they healthy, but most importantly happy loved and very well socialized before going home with you.

My education

What Questions Do I Ask For A Breeder,

To Know They Are A Good Breeder?

Do you Health Test?

We Babes & Danes Do Health Test Our Dogs.

We Test: Ofa Heart, Ofa Hips, Ofa Elbows, Ofa Genetic. Also Blood Test including Ofa Tyriod, Pre Pregnancy Health Tests, And Of course A Full Vet Clearance Test!

All Puppies Have Health Guarantees as well!

Why Are You A Breeder?

Babes & Danes carefully picks and chooses the Structure, Performance, Personality, Drive, and Health of each dog to match up and make the breed better in our eyes and program. We strive to place amazing, beautiful, long lived Great Danes into perfect homes. We want to give this breed the justice and love it deserves!

How do you Raise your litter?

Babes & Danes Raises Their litter with absolute love. We do early ens, potty training, basic training, mental stimulation, and most importantly, socialization with kids, men, woman, animals noises, car, ect. I always post on our social media for people to see where and what the litter is doing next and their accomplishments!

What support do I get After receiving the Pup?

Babes & Danes is a Pack, a Union! We provide Breeder support, Training Support, Nutrition Support, Anything you might need help with when it comes to an animal or Great Dane we are here for life!

Can I Come see the puppies and parents?

We at Babes & Danes do allow you to come meet the puppies, and parents/parent if you would like, as long as you have placed a deposit, and are serious about buying. We only allow one visit, and it has to be within a time frame, to not spread any diseases to puppies. But we know how important it is to connect to your pup before picking them!

Do you have a contract?

We do!

In Babes & Danes Contract, it lets you know that one, the puppies are health checked/guarantee. That we will always be here for you, always take the pup back if need be, Spay/Neuter and all the necessary Great Dane info you may need!

Can Anybody buy one of your dogs?

Here at Babes & Danes we try and pick the best people that are going to love, and care with all of their hearts one of our pups for the rest of their lives! So we are very picky and will deny people, if they are not a good candidate.

When can the puppies go home?

Babes & Danes allows our pups to go home at 9 weeks old. We make sure that one, they are okay after their vaccines, but ready and prepared enough for their families, and we feel 9 weeks is not to early but not to late to start bonding with their forever homes!

How Many Females do you breed at once?

Babes & Danes focuses only on one maybe two max litters at a time. Meaning we only have 1-2 females breeding, to make sure we have quality time with each pup! We are not and will never be a Puppy Mill!

How old are your females and males before retiring?

Babes & Danes make sure that health is number one, so many factors are put into play when it comes to this question.

  1. If the Female isn't a good mom, she will retire that litter.
  2. If they have complications, and don't snap back from litters, she will retire.
  3. Males, if they don't have good healthy sperm, they will retire.
  4. If they are healthy, and everything is fine, we retire females at age 5 or 4 litters. Males we Retire age 7-9 years old.

-Where it all began- Roo & Rylee